What are your growing pains?

There are many ways for a company to grow.

Having and creating the freedom to experiment for that growth is very important to do.

Hence, my experiment for growth, and you might guess it by now by these few sentences, is to switch to English.

Therefore, you can expect to receive my writings in English from now on.

To build a company, it is very important to have a goal and a plan to get there.

The process of getting there are the ‘growing pains’. We all had them as a teenager as we transitioned from dependent children to independent adults.

The same process can be seen by companies.

When we start our company, it is like a child. It needs constant guidance and attention. It gives us many sleepless nights and sometimes we wonder why we thought it was a good idea in the first place.

However, we do it all with love.

We watch our child grow, enter different life stages and interact with the world. They make breakthroughs and struggle through more difficult periods.

And as a parent, we are always there and we guide and help them through all these periods.

Through our effort, but also natural processes, we watch our child become strong, independent, self-reliant adult.

Now here is the biggest difference in the process of ‘growing up’ between a child and a company.

The growing independence of a child can be attributed to a ‘natural’ driven process of the need of a child to become an adult. It is something that is going to happen, whether we want it as a parent or not.

However, for our company, this process of independence is CERTAINLY NOT something that ‘just’ happens. We actively have to set it in motion, strategize and think ahead. Creating an independent company requires action on our side. Else, it will always remain dependent of us. As a consequence, it will always need our time and focus.

Mark Daamen

My goal is to build a company that will function independently from me. A company that won’t need my constant presence, time and focus. I am grateful that this is not the first time I create such a company, because I have a lot of experience from my previous companies.

Hence, a tool I want to give you is something I use and often think about. And I warmly recommend that you try this out. Because in my case, it massively helps me to create my independent company.

Here it goes.

To stop, to automate, to optimize, and to delegate.

Take a look at the processes within your company and ask yourself these questions. Is this process vital for my company or can I stop it? If it’s vital, ask yourself how you can automate the process. And how can you optimize the process? And lastly, to whom can I delegate this process?

So ask yourself, what is your plan on how to create a company that runs independently from you?

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I help Mindfull-Millenials to realize their dreams. With proven techniques I will help you to let your company revolve around your life. Not only for you, but it will allow you to help other people in your turn.

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